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Furnace Services in Rochester, NY

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Furnaces are as common as they come in Rochester, NY, but the more powerful and efficient furnaces depend on uncommon heating services. The team at Triple-O Heating, Cooling, Electrical & Plumbing specializes in furnace installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services to help get the most out of your system.

  • We offer high-tech solutions for problems that need solving.
  • We’re family-owned and operated.
  • We’re a One-Stop Shop for anything furnace related.

You don’t need to have any other contractor’s number on hand. Just ours!

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Furnace Installation

Looking for a furnace installation? Here are the two major types of furnaces we service:

  • Gas furnaces. These systems are powerful, common, and efficient. We can easily provide top-to-bottom services on any gas furnace in Rochester, NY.
  • Electric furnaces. If you live "off the grid," or if electricity is cheaper than natural gas, an electric furnace could be perfect for your home.

Contact us today to get started on your next furnace installation.

Furnace Replacement

Furnaces go through a lot in Rochester, NY. They can succumb to wear and tear quickly, and the only furnace service that’s going to address this problem directly is a furnace replacement. Our replacement services are fast, reliable, and we always make sure to select a new system with you so you get the best results possible.

Furnace Repair

Repairing a furnace can be quite the job, depending on what’s going on. Don’t worry, our team provides targeted furnace repairs that aim to pinpoint the underlying issue and fix it entirely. We don’t leave any jobs undone, no matter the situation. We even provide furnace maintenance services for yearly check-ups that promote efficiency and heater safety.

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