Why You’re Seeing Water Leaking From Your AC

May 15th, 2023

If you’ve noticed water pooling around the air conditioning unit, you’re correct to assume that it’s not a good sign. You should never see water dripping out of the HVAC cabinet inside of your house, and not just because it can cause water damage and lead to the growth of mold and mildew. That water shows something is wrong with how the air conditioner’s condensate drainage system is working. If you don’t have proper air conditioning repair in Brockport, NY, you may soon have a non-working air conditioner!

Below we’ll look at several of the reasons for water leaking from an air conditioning system.

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All You Need to Know the Rebate Programs Happening Here in New York

May 8th, 2023

We have some exciting news about making upgrades to your home’s heating system as well as several other appliances. If you have older equipment, like a gas furnace or boiler, it’s probably draining extra energy each time it runs.

This not only costs you more on your utility bills, it’s harmful to the environment. You also risk having the equipment fail on you when you need it the most.

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Knocking and Banging From the Pipes: What’s Up?

April 24th, 2023

One of the leading causes of people believing that their house is haunted is when strange knocking, clanging, and banging sounds start to emanate from the walls. We don’t want to puncture the mystery here, but there is a good explanation for these sounds. They’re coming from the pipes.

This kind of noise from the plumbing is a common enough issue, but it’s still an issue. We’ll take a look at why this might be happening in your home.

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Does an AC Also Control Humidity in a House?

April 10th, 2023

We often hear this question or similar ones from customers. Creating balanced humidity indoors is an important part of comfort, especially during the summer when muggy days make it difficult to stay cool.

The answer to the question is a bit tricky. Air conditioners do affect humidity, and in some situations may end up making a house too dry.

However, air conditioners are not dehumidifiers designed to provide actual humidity control. Homeowners who want to create air that’s neither too humid nor too dry will need more than just an air conditioner.

This answer requires further explanation, and you’ll learn something interesting about your AC in the process, so follow us below…

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Sounds That May Mean an Impending HVAC Catastrophe

March 27th, 2023

The title of this post may sound a touch extreme, but if you find yourself in the middle of a heat wave with a malfunctioning air conditioning system, the word “catastrophe” will probably leap to your mind quickly. 

Fortunately, if you do have a busted AC or heater, you’re already in good hands because you’ve arrived here. 

But we’d also like to help you predict when you’ve got an HVAC system cruising for disaster. It’s much better to call us before you’ve got a heating or cooling emergency on your hands, after all!

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Why Is Your Furnace Turning Off Early?

March 13th, 2023

We’re counting down the days until the warmer weather arrives and stays. That still may not happen until June, so we need our home heating systems to keep working.

If you’ve got a furnace that is shutting off earlier than you expect, you might feel tempted to ignore it because of how late it is in the season. But any furnace problem needs attention or else it may worsen and trap you without any heating at all. 

Below, we’ll look at some of the reasons you’ve got a furnace that just doesn’t want to put in a full heating cycle to warn your home the way you need.

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Watch Out for These Signs of a Malfunctioning Gas Furnace

February 27th, 2023

Our philosophy at Triple O is to treat our customers like they’re family. We certainly don’t want our family members trapped with a failed furnace during the intensely cold winter weather of New York, so we don’t want our customers to have to encounter the same problems.

If you need fast heating repair in Batavia, NY, we’re ready to help! In this post, we’ll list the major signs that you’ve got a malfunctioning furnace so you’ll know to call us as soon as possible. Don’t wait when it comes to furnace problems and hope they will “get better.” Trust us, they’ll likely get worse, and you don’t want to risk that!

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Reasons for Low Water Pressure in Your House

February 13th, 2023

When you turn on a tap in your house, whether for the shower or the kitchen sink, you don’t just expect to have water flow out. You expect enough water to flow out that it’s useful for cooking, bathing, or simply filling up a pan to put on the stove.

When you turn on a tap and the water lazily trickles out, there’s a problem with low water pressure. Depending on how widespread it is, you may need to call for emergency plumbing in Rochester, NY to correct the problem.

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Does Rust on a Water Heater Mean It’s Finished?

January 30th, 2023

When you combine water and metal, what do you get? You probably thought “rust,” but that’s not necessarily true. For corrosion to occur in metal (rust is a type of corrosion), it must be in contact with metal in the presence of oxygen. If you’ve ever wondered why your water heater—a metal device that holds water—doesn’t rapidly rust, the reason is that water heaters are designed to remove oxygen and/or direct contact between metal and water.

This doesn’t mean water heaters are impervious to corrosion. Far from it. Lack of maintenance can lead to corrosion setting in early on a water heater. But even with rigorous maintenance, a water heater can start to rust when it gets old enough. Does the appearance of rust mean that a water heater is done and needs to be replaced?

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FAQ: Where Does a Heat Pump Get Its Heat During Winter?

January 16th, 2023

This is a question that we often get from customers. It’s something that often confuses customers who are new to the technology of the heat pump. It wasn’t until fairly recently that heat pumps started to make a big impact in home comfort after many years as the standard for commercial buildings.

The terminology of heat pumps is a bit bewildering (they’re based on air conditioning technology and also deliver cooling). When people find out how they work, they’ll immediately have more questions, such as “Where is the heat pump getting this outdoor heat during the winter?”

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