Common Water Heater Issues

March 14th, 2022

Can you imagine trying to get through a week without a working water heater? How about a single day? Not pleasant scenarios to think about, are they?

We want to help you avoid problems with your water heater so you don’t have to face these kinds of troubles. It all starts with getting an excellent water heater installation in Rochester, NY. But even the best water heater can malfunction at some point. We’re going to look at several common water heater concerns and what you can do about them.

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Triple O’s Guide to Furnace Maintenance

March 7th, 2022

We’re not exaggerating when we say that regular maintenance for your HVAC systems is the most vital service we offer. It is also one of the best investments you can make in your home comfort. You’ll want maintenance for both your heating and cooling systems.

In this post, we’ll spotlight maintenance for your furnace: why it’s important, what it involves, when to have it done, and the best way to have our team do it. 

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Should I Install an Air Purifier or Filter in My Home?

February 28th, 2022

Homeowners today are more concerned about the quality of the air inside their homes than ever before. After almost a year and a half of spending more time inside their homes than usual, people start to worry about what they’re breathing, as well as how they can combat the transmission of illnesses among a household.

The plain facts about indoor air quality for homes are hard to ignore: the EPA estimates that the air inside homes and buildings can be four to five times worse than the air outdoors. Without enough fresh air circulation, contaminants indoors can rapidly build up. This makes installing an air filter or air purifier for your home a good idea—you can almost certainly improve the air quality this way. 

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When Should I Call a Professional for Drain Cleaning?

February 21st, 2022

Drain cleaning is an important service that plumbers offer to residential homes. Everyone deals with clogged or slow drains at some point, and when simple unclogging methods don’t work, it’s a good idea to make summoning a pro plumber the next step. 

Drain cleaning isn’t just for dealing with clogs and other drain obstructions. We recommend our customers schedule drain cleaning in Rochester, NY as a routine maintenance job. For most homes, we recommend drain cleaning once a year. There’s no specific season that’s better for drain cleaning than others, although many people find it convenient to have done at the start of the year, right after the holidays have given the drains more work than normal. Our plumbers at Triple O use the best equipment, like hydro-jetters, to provide top-quality drain cleaning for our customers.

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Triple-O Is Helping With Heat for Local Hospital

February 18th, 2022

Triple-O Heating, Cooling, Electrical & Plumbing is a part of the local community in Rochester. To us, that means doing more than help homeowners with staying warm or assisting businesses with staying open. We’re helping with the health of the community in another way: we’re providing the heating and air purification systems for outdoor emergency structures at Rochester General Hospital.

The hospital recently decided to expand its emergency care facilities to deal with over-capacity by constructing a large temporary tent. This structure also helps to encourage more people to come to the emergency rooms who might otherwise shy away because of wait times.

Of course, a temporary outdoor structure in Rochester during the winter needs to have heat. Powerful heat! This is where Triple-O comes in: we’ve not only set up the reliable internal heating necessary for the temporary expansion, we’re also providing the air purification that’s an important part of hospital operation. We are glad to help to ensure that people who come to RGH emergency, either as patients or healthcare workers, are warm and safe.

Call your One-stop Shop for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical! Triple O Heating, Cooling, Electrical & Plumbing serves the Rochester area with service so good, you’ll find a reason to call us!

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How Long Does a Furnace Last in New York?

February 14th, 2022

New York winters can put a great strain on any home heating system, so you might wonder how long you can expect your current furnace to last.

The good news is that furnaces are built to stand up to the type of weather New York can hurl at them during the winter, and the life expectancy for a gas or electric furnace is approximately the same as in most parts of the US that have cold winters. Let’s go deeper into the question of how long your furnace will last, when to replace it, and what to expect when that time comes.

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Why Is My Water Bill So High?

February 7th, 2022

Nobody wants to receive a shock when they look at their monthly water bills. Most homes get in a rhythm with their water use that only fluctuates slightly from month to month, so an abrupt rise in bills will stand out. 

Why is this happening? Why is your house suddenly sucking up water like the desert sands? There may be some bad habits your household has taken on—we’ll get to those. But first, we want to look at a common source of massive water bills that many homes encounter: hidden water leaks from neglected plumbing. 

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How We Can Fix Your Sewer Line Problems

January 24th, 2022

There are few plumbing troubles that can alarm a homeowner more than a broken or clogged sewer line. The sewer line that runs under your property to meet the sewer main in the street is a part of the plumbing system you definitely would prefer not to think about. If you are forced to think about it, it’s usually bad news: drains clogged around the house, sewage seeping up through the yard, foul odors in your living space, and even sewage backing up into the home. A damaged or blocked sewer line will soon bring life in your house to a halt.

You can’t do sewer line repairs yourself. You’ll need to call our team to handle this service. But we want to give you an important reassurance: the way we do sewer line repair and replacement isn’t as tedious, time-consuming, or destructive to your property as you may believe.

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What Is a Slab Leak and How Do I Know I Have One?

January 17th, 2022

The slab leak is one of the most difficult to locate of all plumbing problems, at least if you’re not a trained plumber. We’ve handled slab leak detection and repair in Rochester, NY since 2003, and we can tell you that it takes special equipment and knowledge to find one of these leaks and fix it. 

If you’re scratching your head at this point, don’t worry. We’ll explain exactly what slab leaks are and how you can tell you need to call us to locate and repair one.

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Why We Recommend Regular Drain Cleaning Services

January 10th, 2022

When people hear about “drain cleaning,” they usually think of the kind of service they only need to call for when they’ve got a stopped-up drain they can’t fix with a plunger. That is definitely one use for drain cleaning—there’s no better way to ensure you get rid of a clog so it won’t come back.

However, drain cleaning is more than just an emergency service. We recommend our customers schedule drain cleaning in Rochester, NY each year for their home plumbing as a routine maintenance job.

We like to say we offer service so good, you will find a reason to call us, and here’s a great reason! Drain cleaning at the start of the year is a terrific way to see that you have fewer troubles with your drains and drainpipes for the rest of the year.

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