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Air Conditioning Considerations For Older Homes

Monday, July 17th, 2023

We’re going to have an intensely hot summer this year—and certainly next year as well. Homeowners need to rely heavily on their central air conditioning systems in order to get through the heat in both comfort and safety. 

Older homes face different challenges when it comes to air conditioning systems. Today we’re going to examine some of the common issues that vintage homes have to deal with, along with tips for AC upgrades and AC repair in Bergen, NY that will help you ensure that your older home stays both cool and energy efficient when the outside temperature rises into the red.

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The 50% Rule on Air Conditioner Replacement

Monday, May 22nd, 2023

Is it time for an AC replacement in Rochester, NY? Air conditioning systems won’t last forever, but you may find yourself facing a dilemma about whether to have your aging air conditioner repaired or go ahead with the replacement. A repair is obviously a less expensive option in the moment, but it may still be too expensive to justify for an older air conditioner that will probably need a replacement within several years.

To help you get a broad sense of when a replacement is the better choice, we’re going to examine the “50% Rule” that often comes in handy in “repair or replace?” situations.

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Why Is My AC System Overheating?

Monday, July 25th, 2022

Have you recently had the ability to cool your home interrupted because the circuit breaker for the air conditioner suddenly tripped? If this continues to happen, it means you have an AC that’s overheating and overloading the circuit. Essentially what’s occurring is that the air conditioner is working harder than it should.

Under normal use, even in the middle of hot weather, the AC shouldn’t overheat. When it does, it’s because of a problem with it that you’ll need to address.

These are the four most common reasons for an overheating air conditioner:

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