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What Are the Benefits of an Air Purifier?

Monday, March 28th, 2022

Homeowners are more concerned about their indoor air quality than ever before. Far too many modern buildings have indoor air quality far worse than the air quality outside—sometimes three to five times worse. One of the reasons for this is the tight construction of modern buildings. This improves energy efficiency, but it reduces the amount of fresh air that moves through a building to sweep away indoor contaminants.

Because you probably spend more time in your house than ever before, improving your indoor air quality is important for your health and your family’s. You have several options to boost indoor air quality, such as having an air purifier in Brockport, NY professionally installed.

What are the benefits of using an air purifier?

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Should I Install an Air Purifier or Filter in My Home?

Monday, February 28th, 2022

Homeowners today are more concerned about the quality of the air inside their homes than ever before. After almost a year and a half of spending more time inside their homes than usual, people start to worry about what they’re breathing, as well as how they can combat the transmission of illnesses among a household.

The plain facts about indoor air quality for homes are hard to ignore: the EPA estimates that the air inside homes and buildings can be four to five times worse than the air outdoors. Without enough fresh air circulation, contaminants indoors can rapidly build up. This makes installing an air filter or air purifier for your home a good idea—you can almost certainly improve the air quality this way. 

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