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What’s the Best Way to Unclog a Drain? Our Suggestions

No plumbing problem is more common and irritating than the clogged drain/toilet. Everyone has had to face this problem in their household plumbing before. These clogs can range from simple to complex, and you probably won’t know what type you have until you try the various solutions.

Below is our list of suggestions for how best to unclog your drain. You can also just skip to the fourth one if you want the best solution that will absolutely get the job done. (Spoiler: Call us to unclog your drain!)

ONE: A plunger

You probably already thought of this on your own, and we hope you do have a plunger available. Plungers are great tools to have at home since they can clear out basic drain and toilet obstructions without causing any harm to the piping. 

There are two types of plungers: one designed for drains and one for toilets. A toilet plunger has longer flanges on the end so it can better fit the contours of a toilet drain. We recommend having both in your home so you can react quickly to drain clogs. 

TWO: A hand-cranked drain snake

If a plunger won’t open up a clogged drain, another option is to use a hand-cranked drain snake. These are tools you can purchase from hardware stores or other home improvement stores. You insert a wire coil down into the drain and turn it around to drill through obstructions or break them apart. Drain snakes can work well with tangled hair and some other blockages that plungers won’t affect. They can still leave some debris behind, so you may wish to schedule drain cleaning (see below) later. 

THREE: Put down that store-bought drain cleaner right now!

If you were anticipating that we’d next suggest using a bottle of liquid “drain cleaner” purchased from the grocery store, we’re extraordinarily glad to disappoint you. No professional plumber recommends using these “cleaners” for drains of any type, and here’s why:

  • They’re only temporarily effective at best and allow clogs to come back within a short time.
  • They’re highly corrosive and can damage drain pipe material.
  • They’re extremely toxic, and even inhaling the fumes can be dangerous.
  • They’re harmful to the environment, leaking toxic chemicals into the ground from landfills.

Believe us, we’ve seen the problems these bottles of caustic chemicals can cause. You’re much better off skipping right to the next unclogging solution … the one that works the best.

FOUR: Call us for drain cleaning

If a plunger or drain snake hasn’t opened up the drain, then call us for drain cleaning in Rochester, NY. This is much more than a “drain unclogging” service: it really does clean the inside of the drain, not only removing the obstruction but scouring the pipe interior of all debris. It’s like hitting “reset” for the drain. You won’t need to worry about a slow drain or clogged drain for a long time after we’re finished.

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