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Warning Signs Your Water Heater Needs Professional Repairs


Here’s something you don’t want to happen to you on a cold winter morning: getting into the shower and discovering no hot water is coming out of the showerhead. A failed water heater is a major problem at any time of the year, but it’s especially painful when it strikes in the winter.

We have some good news for you, however. Water heaters rarely fail abruptly without giving any warning signs. If you know what to watch for, you can detect malfunctions and call us for timely water heater repair in Rochester, NY. Quick action will prevent you from getting trapped without any hot water. 

We have long experience handling plumbing and heating systems, so we can provide you with a helpful list of the most common warning signs of a water heater heading for trouble:

Odd noises from the tank

Any unusual sound that disrupts the normal noises you’re accustomed to hearing from your water heater is a cause for concern. One sound in particular to listen for is “kettling,” a popping noise from the tank. Kettling often means a layer of sediment across the bottom of the tank is blocking the heat from the heat exchanger. This can lead to the heater’s efficiency dropping as well as its hot water volume. You should also call for repairs if you hear the tank rumbling. It’s unlikely to explode, but the sound means the water is overheating.

Discoloration in the hot water

If you notice a reddish discoloration appearing in the hot water in your house (and only from the hot water), it may mean the tank has excess sediment in it, or it even has started to rust. This is a problem you’ll want experts to examine as soon as possible. 

Indications of leaks

Water should escape from your home’s water heater in only one spot: the pressure relief valve on the tank. If you see water anywhere else, such as pooling around the tank or leaking from a connection point, we recommend you shut off the water heater right away and call us for repairs.

Temperature fluctuations

When using hot water, you’ll notice occasional dips and rises in the temperature. This is normal. When this starts happening frequently—such as every time you take a shower—it often indicates the water heater is struggling with maintaining even temperatures inside its tank. You’ll want professionals to investigate and see if the water heater is losing its heating capacity. 

A drop in hot water volume

Are people in your household starting to go with lukewarm showers in the morning when this wasn’t a problem before? When a water heater seems to deliver less hot water before running out than before, it points toward several possible problems, such as with the gas burners, the heating elements (for an electric water heater), or even a system that’s too old to continue to work well. 

No matter what afflicts your water heater, our experts can diagnose the problem and find a solution. We offer service so good, you’ll find a reason to call us!

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