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Why We Recommend Regular Drain Cleaning Services


When people hear about “drain cleaning,” they usually think of the kind of service they only need to call for when they’ve got a stopped-up drain they can’t fix with a plunger. That is definitely one use for drain cleaning—there’s no better way to ensure you get rid of a clog so it won’t come back.

However, drain cleaning is more than just an emergency service. We recommend our customers schedule drain cleaning in Rochester, NY each year for their home plumbing as a routine maintenance job.

We like to say we offer service so good, you will find a reason to call us, and here’s a great reason! Drain cleaning at the start of the year is a terrific way to see that you have fewer troubles with your drains and drainpipes for the rest of the year.

The Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

What’s the big deal with professional drain cleaning? It’s a lot more than what you might think. We don’t use any harmful chemicals to clean drains. Instead, we use a combination of powerful drain augers and hydro-jetters to give the drains a deep cleaning. We scour the insides of the drains to remove all the build-up on them: food waste, solidified grease and fats, soap scum, hair, and hard water mineral deposits. When we’re done, the drains will be in a “like new” condition. 

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy thanks to regular drain cleaning:

  • Prevention of clogs and slow drains: This is the most immediate benefit you’ll notice. With all the gunk in your drains washed away at one time, there’s little opportunity for clogs to develop again. If you’ve experienced too many slow drains and stopped-up drains recently, drain cleaning offers a “reset” for your plumbing.
  • Longer-lived pipes: Build-up inside pipes wears pipes down faster and shortens their lifespans. For example, soap scum can create a chemical reaction that corrodes pipes, leading to leaks. General build-up increases water pressure, another force that ages pipes faster. Drain cleaning adds years on to your plumbing system’s life.
  • Stop bad odors: Bad odors from drains are usually a result of bacteria developing in organic waste in the pipes. You can have a spotlessly clean kitchen and still deal with these odors because of problems down in the drainpipes. Drain cleaning wipes this all away. 
  • Eliminate pipe noise: Dirty pipes can quickly become noisy pipes. This is because of the increase in pressure inside them, leading to rattling around and other unpleasant sounds. 

We Offer Sewer Line Cleaning as Well

If you want the complete service, you can schedule sewer line cleaning with our team as well. Your sewer line may not need annual cleaning, but it does need regular cleaning—and your sewer line is probably overdue for it. A clean sewer line helps prevent serious backup issues and potential plumbing emergencies. We have all the best tools to take care of cleaning your sewer line.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions about drain cleaning. We can get you on the schedule and have your plumbing system ready for the year ahead.

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