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It’s Time to Schedule Residential Heater Maintenance!

We don’t want to alarm you, but we’re already well into the fall, and that means winter will arrive before most of us think hard enough about how to prepare for it. We don’t want you to end up with a disaster like a broken heating system in the middle of another freezing New York winter, which is why we always stress with our customers the importance of scheduling residential maintenance in Rochester, NY during the fall.

Maintenance helps your heating system out in several vital ways. We’ll go through the most important benefits and how working with our skilled technicians each fall will save you money and keep your family happy and healthy during the winter.

Improved heating system safety

What type of heating system do you have in your home? Chances are high that it’s a gas-powered furnace or boiler. Natural gas heaters are the most common in the country. Although gas heaters are built to strict safety standards, they can become hazardous if they’re neglected. During a maintenance appointment, technicians will carefully inspect your heater to find if there are any potential safety issues so they can be repaired before winter. You’ll be able to relax in safety.

Better energy efficiency

Nobody likes to see their energy bills rise during winter, but that’s just the reality of using a central heating system. However, without annual maintenance, those bills will rise much higher than they should. For every year of maintenance neglect, a heating system will lose 5% of its efficiency on average, translating into the steeper energy costs. If you keep your furnace well-maintained, you won’t have to worry about an unnecessary heating cost hikes.

Fewer repairs 

The majority of malfunctions that affect heating systems are due to neglect. The extra strain placed on a heater as it ages can trigger numerous repair issues, and they can get quite expensive. Maintenance not only reduces this strain and slows down heater aging, it also pinpoints smaller problems before they become bigger ones. You have more than 50% of potential problems eliminated, which saves money as well as time dealing with calling for repairs for the faulty heater.

Reliable performance

Although there’s no way to make a heating system 100% breakdown-proof, regular maintenance will get it as close to 100% as possible. When our technicians maintain your heater, you’ll have few worries that the system will suddenly fail on you during the coldest day of the winter. The peace of mind alone is worth it.

System longevity

You can only expect to get your heater to its estimated service life with maintenance. Missing maintenance will start to take years off your heater’s lifespan and you’ll be stuck with an expensive early replacement.

Warranty protection

The standard manufacturer’s warranty on a furnace, boiler, or heat pump is 10 years. But the warranty will only remain in force provided the owner can show proof of regular professional maintenance. Missing out on maintenance can mean losing the important protection the warranty grants against factory faults. 

To get started with maintenance, contact us to ask about our residential maintenance plan. We offer maintenance plans for heating systems, air conditioning, and water heaters.

Call Triple-O Mechanical to schedule your residential heating maintenance: Your One-stop Shop for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical.

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