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Reasons for Low Water Pressure in Your House

When you turn on a tap in your house, whether for the shower or the kitchen sink, you don’t just expect to have water flow out. You expect enough water to flow out that it’s useful for cooking, bathing, or simply filling up a pan to put on the stove.

When you turn on a tap and the water lazily trickles out, there’s a problem with low water pressure. Depending on how widespread it is, you may need to call for emergency plumbing in Rochester, NY to correct the problem.

Is this only occurring at one tap?

When you encounter low water pressure at a tap, the first step to take is to test other taps in the house to see if they’re encountering the same problem. If the low pressure appears limited to only one tap, then the issue is a local one.

For sink faucets, remove the aerator and clean out silt from them. If you have point-of-use filters for some faucets, the filtration system may be at fault. Also, check for possible leaks from feed lines or supply pipes. You still may need to call an emergency plumber if a leak is creating the problem.

Call your friendly neighbors to see if this is a municipal problem

You’ve determined that you’ve got a general water pressure drop in your home—it’s not only one tap. The next step is to call your neighbors to find out if they’re experiencing the same low water pressure. If they are, then you have part of the answer to what’s causing the problem: a municipal issue. There may be a malfunction at the local water pump house, or there’s been a sudden massive demand on the water supply such as for firefighting. Call the utility company to find out the extent of the issue and when it will be resolved.

A stuck water shut-off valve

Now you know the problem is restricted to your house. The next possibility is to locate the water shut-off valve and see if it’s stuck. This valve is used to shut off the water entering the house from the main water line in case of emergency or to allow for repairs. If the valve becomes partially stuck, it will cut off the water supply and lower water pressure. Find the valve (it’s located next to the water meter) and test to see if it will open more.

Hard water deposits

If your home has hard water, the lower water pressure may be due to a buildup of limescale along the inside of the pipes from hard water minerals. If these have accumulated in the main freshwater pipes in your house, they’ll lower water pressure. You’ll need repairs for the pipes, and we also recommend investing in a water softener.

Trouble with the water main

This is the most serious problem: the water main delivering fresh water to your house is leaking, broken, or blocked. The older the main is, the more likely it will encounter these problems. You’ll need to have professionals examine the pipe and recommend what you need to do to have it repaired/replaced.

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