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Gas vs. Electric Water Heaters

You’re on the market for a new water heater installation in Rochester, NY. This may not seem like an exciting journey, but water heaters are absolute necessities for modern homes. You want to make the best possible choice about which water heater you get.

There are a range of types of water heaters available, both tank and tankless. One of the key questions about water heater models is the source of energy they use. Although you can find oil and propane-powered water heaters, in most cases you’ll face a choice between a natural gas water heater or an electric water heater.

Let’s take a closer look at these two options and balance their pros and cons…

Natural Gas Water Heaters

A gas water heater uses gas jets to create hot combustion gas, which then transfers into the tank through a heat exchanger. The leftover combustion gas is vented out of the house through a flue.


Natural gas water heaters are powerful, much the same way that gas furnaces have a power advantage over electric water heaters. They can heat up water faster, so there’s less downtime if the water heater runs out of its supply of hot water. The cost of natural gas is often less than that of electricity, so a gas water heater can save a household money over its service life.


Not everyone feels comfortable with having gas-powered appliances. Although gas water heaters aren’t inherently dangerous, they can become hazardous if neglected. They cost more to purchase upfront than electric units. They’re also becoming less desirable in the current environment, with an emphasis on moving away from gas-powered systems and switching to electric ones. 

Electric Water Heaters

An electric water heater delivers heat directly into the tank through a set of heating elements that glow hot when electric current flows through them. The lower element initially heats up the water and the upper element keeps it warmed for use. 


You’ll pay less to purchase an electric water heater than a gas one, and you can also expect to get a longer service life out of it because electric power wears down units slower than exposure to combustion gases. Electric water heaters are safer for homes and less harmful to the environment. 


The cost of electricity can mean paying more to run your water heater. In fact, electric water heaters consume more electricity than any other appliance inside a home, including the air conditioner. Electric water heaters aren’t as fast at heating up water, meaning you might run into delays if you deplete the tank.


The conclusion is … it’s up to you! A gas water heater may be the perfect match for your house. But electric may be the better choice (especially if a gas water heater isn’t possible because you don’t have a gas connection). If you don’t feel certain about what unit to pick, the best route is to call in the professionals to help. Our team can assist you with making the choice of the ideal new water heater—and then we’ll do the job of installing it so it works to the highest specifications and does exactly the job you need from it. 

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