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Does My AC Thermostat Need To Be Replaced?

The thermostat doesn’t receive as much attention as it deserves as part of a home’s HVAC system. After all, it doesn’t feel like it’s connected to the bigger machinery of the air conditioner such as the blower, the heater, and the ductwork. But the thermostat is the control panel for a comfort system, the “brains” of the heating and cooling. Like any part of the HVAC system, a thermostat can wear down and become obsolete, leading to poorer performance from the rest of the system. 

A thermostat will eventually need a replacement. How can you tell when your thermostat is ready for an upgrade?

Temperature Changing Issues

One way to tell that you’ve got a thermostat beginning to fail at its job is when trying to set it becomes a hassle. You find a comfortable temperature, but then find you have to keep coming back to adjust the thermostat because the house is getting too warm or too cold. Constant fiddling with thermostat settings shouldn’t occur—these control panels are designed to maintain consistent temperatures. If the problem isn’t with the rest of the HVAC system, then you should look into upgrading the thermostat.

Connection Issues

An aging thermostat can start to lose its connection to the HVAC system. The standard thermostat has a series of different connections to handle separate tasks: turning the blower on and off, turning the heater on and off, starting and ending the cooling cycle with the compressor. If you notice that the blower, heater, or AC is running nonstop or won’t come on, the problem may stem from a dying thermostat. 

Short Cycling

This is a common problem that can afflict air conditioners and heat pumps, although it also happens in furnaces. It’s when the HVAC system shuts down before completing a full cooling/heating cycle. One of the possible causes is a faulty thermostat that’s picking up the wrong temperature indoors and causing the HVAC system to shut down early. Short cycling drains immense amounts of power and puts extra strain on the HVAC system. The sooner you have this addressed, the better.

You Want to Take Advantage of New Technology

We recommend replacing your thermostat—even if it’s outwardly working fine—if it’s an old manual model that uses dials and sliders. Manual thermostats lack the precision of digital programmable thermostats, and they don’t allow you to set schedules that help to reduce energy use. More advanced modern thermostats allow you to control the climate in your house through an app on your phone, and “smart” technology allows the thermostat to do most of the work finding the best programming. 

Before you call for thermostat service in Rochester, NY over what appears to be a faulty thermostat, we recommend checking on the batteries for the unit. If the thermostat isn’t hard-wired, it may need new batteries. If this doesn’t solve the problem, reach out to us. We can find out if the thermostat is causing the problem and make recommendations about the best upgrade for you. We offer many models of thermostats with advanced technology like Wi-Fi and smart features. 

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