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The Best AC Systems

Once upon a time, if you wanted air conditioning for your house, you only had two options. You could purchase separate window AC units or you could use a central air conditioning system. The first option was never ideal—window ACs are awkward, don’t offer enough cooling power, block windows, and are generally impractical for providing comfort to an entire home. A central air conditioning system offered homeowners what they wanted in general comfort, but not all homes could use them.

Today, you have more options for a quality AC system. Our AC system service in Churchville, NY installs central air conditioning, heat pumps, and ductless mini split heat pumps. There are benefits to each of these, and which one is right for you will depend on several factors. We’ll look at these three types below.

Central Air Conditioning System

This is the familiar air conditioning system many homes have. They are split systems with indoor and outdoor components. The outdoor condenser exhausts heat and houses the compressor. The indoor evaporator absorbs heat and blows the cool air into the network of ducts that carries the air to the rooms of the house.

Pros: Easy installations for homes that already have existing ductwork. Powerful cooling for all rooms connected to the ventilation system. One of the more affordable options.

Cons: Only provides cooling. The HVAC system must include a heater such as a furnace to handle the cold weather. Ductwork requires maintenance and occasional repairs.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is similar to a central air conditioning system, with the same split system of indoor and outdoor components and connection to ductwork. The difference is that a heat pump can switch the direction it runs so that it can provide heat to a house as well as cooling.

Pros: All the same benefits as a central air conditioning system, plus the power to heat the home as well using the same system. Great energy efficiency in heating mode compared to electric furnaces.

Cons: More expensive than a central air conditioning system. Ductwork requires maintenance and repairs.

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

Ductless mini splits still have the outdoor unit like a heat pump, but use multiple indoor air handlers to send conditioned air into the living space. The indoor units are mounted on exterior walls around the house and connect through a hole behind them to the outdoor unit.

Pros: Allows homes without ductwork (older houses, new construction) to enjoy cooling throughout the house. High energy efficiency. Comes with built-in zoning: each room unit can be run separately from the others. Lack of ducts reduces maintenance needs and helps to improve indoor air quality. Provides heating and cooling. 

Cons: Has limited usefulness in homes that already have ventilation systems (they can be used to target hard-to-heat and cool spots).

We’re here to help you make the best choice for your new air conditioning system. Make an appointment with us today for an AC installation.

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