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4 Reasons to Call a Drain Cleaning Pro

One of the most important plumbing jobs we do at Triple O is drain cleaning in Rochester, NY and throughout the Greater Rochester area. Using the most advanced equipment, we scour the inside of drains to remove clogs and heavy build-up. It’s a fast process and leaves drains in a like-new condition. 

When do you need drain cleaning? Below we’ve listed four great reasons to call in a pro. 

1. Drain Won’t Unclog

When most people think of drain cleaning, they think of opening up an obstinately clogged drain. You have a few ways you can try to unclog a slow or stopped drain on your own. The first method is with a drain plunger or toilet plunger. (Toilet plungers have phalanges on the end to create a better seal.) The second is with a hand-cranked drain auger, a.k.a. a drain snake. If these methods don’t work, then it’s time to call a drain cleaning professional to unclog the drain.

Don’t—we repeat—don’t use store-bought “drain cleaners” for the job. These toxic, acidic chemicals can damage the drains and they only partially remove clogs, making it easy for the clogs to start again. Professionals do a complete job and won’t harm your plumbing.

2. Tree Roots in Drain Lines

Drain cleaning can address one of the most insidious and common troubles with the drainage system in a home: tree root infiltration. Tree roots naturally grow toward areas of warmth and high nutrients. Unfortunately, this makes the sewer line buried on your property a prime target! Roots will find ways into the pipes at joints and create major clogs that can backup all the drains in your house. The hydro-jetting we use for drain cleaning is powerful enough to blast away tree roots that have gotten into the sewer lines or other parts of the drainage system.

3. Clog Cannot Be Pinpointed

Sometimes you’ll have clogged drains where you can’t tell the exact source of the problem. Plungers and drain snakes won’t do much good in cases like this. The likely problem is that general build-up in the drains is creating the clogs. And when the build-up is general, drain cleaning is the best approach. Our plumbers can quickly clean out most of the drains in your home, ensuring we remove all possible sources of drainage troubles.

4. Regular Preventive Maintenance

We recommend our customers have drain cleaning done not only as a reactive method to fix troubles, but as a preventive method to keep plumbing in great shape. Rather than waiting for buildup of organic waste, mineral deposits, and more to clog your drains, you can have our experts provide annual cleaning for the drains in your house. Your plumbing system will work better and you won’t have to worry about facing any unpleasant clogged drain surprises. 

We’re ready to help with your drain cleaning needs. We have service so good, you’ll find a reason to call us. (And isn’t having clean drains a great reason?)

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