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Signs It’s Time to Call Us for Boiler Repair Service


One of the big advantages that boilers have over forced-air heating systems like furnaces is that they have fewer moving parts and do not accumulate wear and tear as fast. Most boilers will outlast furnaces, and they will usually need fewer repairs during their service lives.

Of course, boilers still do need repairs from time to time, and not all HVAC companies offer boiler repair in Rochester, NY. But we do! We want to help you figure out when you’ve got a boiler problem that requires our assistance to fix. We offer 24-hour emergency boiler service, so please don’t hesitate to contact us when it looks like your family’s comfort is in jeopardy.

Below are the top warning signs of boiler troubles:

Odd noises from the boiler tank

A boiler is one of the quietest of all heating systems thanks to its few moving parts. When you hear any sound that’s loud or unusual, it’s often a warning of something wrong. The most common warning sound is rumbling. Don’t worry that your boiler is going to explode; this is extremely unlikely. However, the boiler probably has a layer of sediment trapped along the bottom of its tank. You’ll want professionals to look into the situation right away. Shut off the boiler until they arrive.


A boiler shouldn’t leak water for any reason at any spot. If you see water pooling around the boiler or dripping down the tank, then there are probably leaks at connection points. This can warn of corrosion—a serious issue for a boiler—or a rise in pressure. Have boiler leaks looked at immediately.

Slow room heating

When a boiler turns on, it should supply heat quickly to the rooms through the terminal points. If you notice a longer delay from the point the boiler comes on to when rooms start to warm up, it can indicate several problems with the boiler, such as a broken circulator pump or trouble with the manifold. 

Ineffective heating

Your boiler turns on, runs, and heats up the rooms … but it doesn’t seem to heat them up enough, or it’s leaving some rooms colder than others. This can mean trouble with the boiler’s circulation or a problem with the gas flow (for a gas heater) or a failed heating element (for an electric boiler). Don’t try to overcome this by cranking up the thermostat higher—this is a problem that needs to be addressed or it will worsen. 

A rise in heating costs

There are numerous ways a boiler can malfunction that will not cause any outward signs of trouble except that it has started to become more expensive to heat your house. If you see a rise in your heating costs that you can’t account for with increased use or a change in energy prices, there may be a hidden malfunction in the boiler. 

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