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Why Am I Not Getting Enough Hot Water From My Water Heater?

Has this dilemma started to happen in your house? In the morning, family members rush to get to the showers first, because it only takes one or two showers before the hot water supply goes lukewarm and then cold. If this is a new development, it’s sending a warning about your water heater. For some reason, it isn’t heating up the same volume of hot water as before or isn’t delivering it right. 

You don’t want to ignore this problem, even if you can tolerate family members complaining about not getting hot showers. (You can’t tolerate it, don’t pretend.) A faulty water heater needs professional water heater repair in Rochester, NY right away. In some cases, you may need a replacement water heater. Below we’ll look at why you’re having this trouble with your water heater.

System age

Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons that a water heater loses its hot water capacity is that it is too worn down with age. If your water heater is more than 12 years old, its age is the prime culprit behind this problem, and it’s a major sign that it’s time to replace the unit. Our technicians can give you an expert opinion regarding whether the water heater is ready for retirement or not.

Broken dip tube

The dip tube carries fresh water into the water heater and down through the middle of the tank, depositing the cold water at the bottom where it heats up and then rises to the top of the tank where it exits to go into the home. If this tube breaks (a common problem), it will release cold water at the top of the tank. Water is still getting heated, but not as much, and cold water will quickly get into the hot water supply. Technicians can replace the dip tube to fix this.

Gas supply problems

Most water heaters in the area run from natural gas. Trouble with gas flow and the gas burners can lead to the water heater shutting off the burners early and not heating up enough water. As with anything connected to a gas main, only professionals should inspect and repair these problems. DIY work can be highly dangerous.

A broken lower heating element

If you have an electric water heater, a drop in hot water volume may be due to the lower electrical heating element in the tank burning out. The lower element is the one that heats the water and sends it to the upper tank, where the second element keeps it heated. If the lower one breaks, the hot water volume will drop. Technicians can replace it to fix the problem.


Sediment along the bottom of a gas water heater tank will block the heat exchanger from fully heating the water. The best way to deal with this is to have professionals flush out the tank.

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