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What Is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

Anything that requires immediate attention is considered an emergency. A medical emergency may lead you to the emergency room, and emergency plumbing situations should take you to an experienced, trustworthy plumber.

Some emergencies are easy to identify because they threaten the comfort and safety of your home while interfering with your daily life. Others are more harmful than you may realize at first. 

To help you determine when an appointment for emergency plumbing in Rochester, NY, we want to discuss a few of the most common emergencies that arise in homes. Use this information to protect your home when an emergency arises. 

Burst Pipe 

Burst pipes are always a plumbing emergency because they can lead to substantial property damage and water waste. The first sign is often a water leak. You may notice a large puddle of water in or near your home. If the water isn’t visible or you don’t notice it right away, you may start to notice other signs of a burst pipe, including: 

  • Inconsistent water pressure 
  • Water discoloration 
  • Foul smelling water 
  • Watermarks on the wall 
  • Dripping sound from pipes 

Eventually, a burst pipe will lead to high water bills and mold growth inside your home. Watermarks on the wall can also leave behind damage that you must later pay to repair. It’s best to call a plumber at the first suspicion of a burst pipe or any type of water leak. 

Water Heater Won’t Stop Running 

If you notice your water heater is running nonstop, it’s always an emergency. There’s a good chance that a leak is causing the overactivity. Water heater leaks come with many of the same problems as a burst pipe. The constant running from the water heater will increase your water and energy bill while the leaking water damages your home. 

Continuous running could also mean that your water heater is poorly insulated and cannot maintain water temperature efficiently. In some cases, an older water heater that needs to be replaced will cut on and off repeatedly or run nonstop. 

You need an experienced professional to determine the exact cause of your water heater’s overactivity. If there is a leak, they can correct the problem immediately to minimize damage to your property. 

Water Damage 

If you see any type of water damage to your home, consider it an emergency plumbing situation. That damage tells you that water is leaking somewhere within your home. You may not know exactly where the leak is, especially if it’s from pipes hidden inside your walls. What you do know is that there’s a leak somewhere near the signs of damage. A professional can look at your home and determine the cause of the damage, fixing it before you have excessive repair bills to cover. 

It’s tempting to put off an emergency plumbing call if you don’t see the source of the leak right away. We encourage you to make the call immediately just in case you have a big leak that will cause big damage in little time. 

Call us immediately if you experience an emergency plumbing situation in your home. Triple O Heating, Cooling, Electrical & Plumbing is Your One-stop Shop for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical.

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