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6 Signs You Need an AC Repair in Rochester

Air conditioning systems rarely fail without giving off some warning. That’s good news because you never want to find yourself trapped with a busted AC during the hottest time of the year.

We offer AC repair in Rochester that will rescue your cooling system before it has a chance to break down. But you’ll need to know the signs to watch for. We’ve listed six of the most common warning signs of an AC in distress that needs our help.

#1 – Strange sounds

The best early warning system your AC has is giving off strange noises when it runs. Anything that interrupts the normal sounds of your air conditioning system is a reason to call for repairs. Common “bad sounds” include grinding, whistling, mechanical shrieking, loud clicking, clanging, banging, hissing, and bubbling. 

#2 – Short-cycling

This is a common phenomenon of a faulty air conditioning system. It’s when the AC fails to complete a regular cooling cycle and instead shuts off after 10 minutes or less, only to turn back on again soon after and repeat the process. Short-cycling is harmful to the AC and wastes money, but it also warns of some other problem at the source that needs HVAC technicians to diagnose and repair.

#3 – Uneven cooling

When an air conditioner begins to lose its cooling power, it won’t be able to distribute cooling evenly around the house. The central rooms will receive standard cooling, but more distant rooms along the ventilation system will experience hot spots. When family members start complaining about their rooms not getting cool enough, talk to HVAC professionals to see if the AC is losing power. 

#4 – Unusually high electric bills

Most air conditioner malfunctions will cause the components to work harder, and this will translate into a greater electrical drain than normal. If you look at your monthly electric bills during a time when you regularly run the air conditioner and see they’re much higher than normal—something you can’t account for with increased use or a rise in energy costs—call for professionals to see what’s wrong.

#5 – Ice on the evaporator coil

Seeing ice on your AC isn’t a sign that the unit is working extra hard. People often make this mistake and ignore the appearance of ice along the indoor coils of their AC. Ice should never form on your air conditioner! If it does, it means the evaporator coil isn’t effectively absorbing heat to raise the temperature of the refrigerant. This could mean dirty coils, poor airflow, or refrigerant leaks. Don’t try to scrape the ice off the coils; you need experts to solve the underlying problem. 

#6 – Temperamental thermostat

Do you find that you have to constantly fiddle with the thermostat to reach the indoor temperature you want from the AC? This could be an issue with the thermostat—but it might also mean a faulty air conditioning system that isn’t working consistently. Our technicians can find the cause and get it fixed.

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